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The Step One BABY model was designed by Jan Sedlacek, especially for beginners of RC flying, but also for the entertainment of the more experienced pilots.
Baby Step One is powered by only two DC motors, so construction is very quick and easy.
Even with its small dimensions, the model is foldable, so you can take it everywhere with you and you didn't miss it on any trip.
The baby is controlled by dual motors.  The equipment is suitable for any RC kit. One of the variants is also by connecting the motors to the control board from a small drone for home flying. This variant is also very interesting if you have a nonfunctioning drone at home - so this variant was very popular solution for Jan Votava.
Step One BABY is an ideal partner for quiet evenings, in the group of experienced modellers and for complete beginners too.

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Key Features
wingspan: 500mm
lenght: 415mm
AUW: 35-40g
built in 30 minutes
2x 6/17 brushed motor
2x 1A ESC
2x 30-35mm propellers
1s 180-350mAh

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Utrustning till Step One Baby1249kr
Li-Po 1S 3,8V 300mAh 30C JST-PH 2.0 2-Pack169kr
JST PH 2.0 Hane med 10 cm kabel115kr

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