XT60PB-FM Connector hona/hane

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XT60PB-FM Connector hona/hane

1. A new generation of model plug patent product, female end for battery and male end for charger
2. The design of jacket rear concave can make the shrink tube inserted more deeply to protect joints from water vapor against and easy to solder
3. Precision molds processing, connect closely without any gaps, well leakproofness
4. Clear "+"-" sign
5. Gold plating, use the large flow-line design banana plug and have a larger contact area, although 3.5mm banana plug, can be sustained a constant current 45A, 60A high current peak
6. New style housing and groove slot design looks more beautiful make the connection stronger and avoid any mistake
7. Non-slip insulator, easy to connect
8. 180 degree outward design of tail make wire can be easily soldered. 6.7 g/set

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