Futaba GYA460 6-Axis Flight Control för Flygplan

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The GYA460 is a flight attitude controller and stabilizer designed exclusively for model aircrafts.
In addition to control by 3 axis gyro sensor, flight attitude is controlled by a 3 axis G-sensor.

Besides a beginners mode, which assists flight by beginners by automatic horizontal level return control and flight attitude angle control, a gyro-mode and gyro off mode can also be selected.

3-Axis Gyro plus 3-Axis Accelerometer
Auto level control support
Low profile, small size and light weight
Easy setup
S.BUS compatible - only one connection is necessary between the S.BUS receiver and GYA460
Three flight modes can be selected by transmitter switch
Sensitivity adjustment can set aileron, elevator, and rudder separately by GYA460 trimmer
Parameters can be set by GYA460 SET button and LED
Tailless wing compatible

Attitude cannot be controlled in the stalled state in which the rudder is ineffective

Beginner Mode (Blue)
This mode is suitable for level flight training of beginners.
The fuselage flight attitude angle is limited to approximately +/- 80 degree.
When the transmitter sticks (except the throttle) are set to neutral, automatic horizontal level control returns the airplane to the level state.
Gyro Mode (Red)
This mode is suitable for inverted flight and acrobatics.
The plane is controlled by gyro sensor only.
Fuselage attitude angle limit and automatic horizontal level control are turned off.

Gyro-Off (Yellow)
In this mode, the plane is not controlled by gyro sensor.

For the detailed usage method and precautions, refer to the GYA460 6-axis Flight Control instruction manual.

For first flight of the aircraft, before mounting the GYA460, have an experienced flier make flight adjustments without the GYA460 connected.

Gyro sensor: MEMS vibrating structure gyro
Operating voltage: DC4.0-8.4 V
Current drain: 44 mA
Operating temperature range: -10 C  +45 C
Dimensions: 35x27x12 mm
Weight: 10 g

Set Contents:
GYA460 x 1
Double Sided Tape x 1
3-Signal Cord x 1
Extension Cord x 2
Mini Screwdriver x 1
Manual x 1
Quick Reference x 1

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