FrSky G-RX8 för Seglare, Variometer

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FrSky G-RX8 gjord för segelflygare. Inbyggd Variometer, dessutom fart och höjd (telemetri).

This receiver is designed to be used for the Gliders.
FrSky built the variometer sensor into the RX8R receiver, this will give you telemetry data like altitude and vertical speed.
The G-RX8 supports the redundancy function as well, this means you can add on another receiver to create a back-up in case one fails.
In addition, it supports SBUS and PWM mode, you can switch between the 2 channels between very easily.

Integrate with high precision variometer sensor
Support redundancy function
Support telemetry data transmission
Switchable SBUS/PWM mode (1~8 CH from PWM outputs and 1~16 CH from SBUS output)

Dimension: 55.26x17x8 mm
Weight: 5.8 g
Number of Channels: 16 CH (1-8 ch/9-16 ch from conventional channel outputs, 1~16 CH from SBUS  port).
Operating Voltage Range: 3.6 -10 V
Operating Current: 100 mA at 5 V
Operating Range: Full range
Firmware Upgradable
Compatibility: D16 mode

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