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If want use D8 mode on access transmitter, must add external XJT rf module. (se nedan)

The X7S ACCESS features 24 channels with a faster baud rate and lower latency thanks to its high-speed module digital interface. As with the rest of the ACCESS transmitters, it provides a secure and reliable link, along with wireless firmware updating making it fully compatible with our newest line of OTA receivers. The battery compartment now uses 2 18650 Li-Ion batteries and can be balance charged via the Mini USB interface.
(support usb charging)

The X7S ACCESS version features Hall-sensor gimbals and the PARA wireless trainer function, making it compatible with the FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S, while the wired training port is still retained.

Ergonomic and compact design
Open source operating system
Installed with ACCESS protocol
High-speed module digital interface
Supports spectrum analyzer function
Supports wired training function
Supports PARA wireless training function
M7 hall sensor gimbals
Haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs
Easily accessible battery compartment
(*Batteries not included, adaptive with replaceable 18650 Li-ion batteries)

Dimension: 202.2mmx189.4mmx96mm
Weight: 639g (without battery)
Number of channels: 16 (ACCST D16) / 24 (ACCESS) channels
Internal RF module: ISRM-N
Operating Voltage Range: 6.5V-8.4V
Operating Current: 160mA@7.2V typ
Operating Temperature: -10 - 60 C
Backlight LCD resolution: 128x64
Smart Port, Micro SD card slot, Mini USB Port and DSC Port

Rekommenderade tillbehör:

GensAce 3800 mAh 2S TX-batteri LiPo FrSky QX7 mfl. Blå1359kr
FrSky Batteri NMH till Taranis QX71199kr
18650 3000 mAh 3.7 V2129kr
LiIon/NiMH Laddare för ex. 18650 mfl.REA!1249kr
Batterihållare till FrSky X7145kr

Rekomenderade tillbehör:

External XJT rf module (för D8 mode)1795kr

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