Futaba Tillkopplare för LED lyse etc

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Futaba CPS-1 • Channel Power Switch
This unit allows you to freely turn on LEDs with a transmitter. You can turn on headlights and brake lamps at will. If you have a transmitter with more than 3 channels, the channel power switch CPS-1 enables you to turn on lights and brake lamps with the transmitter whenever you like, by simply connecting the CPS-1 and LEDs to an auxiliary channel of the receiver, which expands your enjoyment infinitely.

Now updated to include two LED's!
Control LEDs from your transmitter.
Easy to install — simply plug into a receiver channel.
Turn lights installed on your model on and off at any time.
Very compact and lightweight.
Great for airplane and heli orientation and night flying, or operating light bars, running lights or chassis under-lighting on cars and trucks.
For use with radios with 3 or more channels with switches.

Main Application: Control of LEDs via your transmitter
Current Drain: 10mA @ 6.0V
Output Voltage: Depends on the receiver power supply
Output Current: 200mA or less
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to +45°C
Power Requirement: NiCd, NiMH 4-5 cells equivalent battery
Dimensions: 16 x 22 x 7.6 mm
Weight: 5.9 g

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