Flite Test SeaDuck SBK WR 1422 mm

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The unique See Duck

As our friends from Flite Test told us that they wanted to reproduce the Sea Duck from the TV series "TaleSpin", we absolutely had to grab it. Since that moment we are continuously singing the anthem. What a great idea to reproduce this famous cartoon airplane. Thus brings back childhood reminiscence and keeps them alive.

The Flite Test Sea Duck is a twin motor 3 channel hydroplane. Building the model is already a matter of fun but flying it is even more funnier. To control the Sea Duck on the water, you should program a thrust differential for the motors so that the model can turn easily. In this way you will be able to control the motors separately. The FT Sea Duck swims very stable on the water and it has a very comfortable handling. The hydroplane can also start from the ground without any problem.
The FT Sea Duck is the perfect model for beginners in the twin motors model world.

The Flite test Sea Duck is made of the new water-resistant FT Foam Board, which is a light but very stable foam material. The material is covered with coated paper. Thus makes the model waterproof and allows the builder to paint it as preferred.

In the package are included all the parts, without RC components. The assembled model has an empty weight of 1111 grams and a wingspan of 1422 mm.

Product characteristics

Kit made of solid, water-resistant FT WR Foam Board
Swappable Series
Exciting flight characteristics

Included in the package

Laser-cut FT Foam Board frame
Swappable RC core
Many small parts

Weight [g]: 1111 g
Wingspan [mm]: 1422 mm
Brand: Flite Test
Version: Construction Kit
Assembly needed?: ja

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