Flite Test Explorer WR Foam 1447 mm

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For explorers

The FT Explorer has the typical simple design, the minimalistic construction and the comfortable flight characteristics that are also known on other trainer models. The big difference is that in the Explorer parts like motor, wing, tail and nose can just be changed and customized easily and in no time. It does not just allow to substitute broken parts without any problem but also to test new designs, customizations and constructions. Discover which effect has the change of some components on the flight attitude.
The Flite Test Community has accepted the Explorer with enthusiasm and many new designs and conversions have been created.
The FT Explorer includes two different wings: a beginner wing which can introduce the pilot to the 3 channel flight and a sport wing for faster, agiler 4 channel maneuvers.

Depending on the RC components the Explorer can be a lightweight and leisurely trainer, which is strong enough and perfect for FPV or even a sport trainer.

The kit

The kit of the FT Explorer is made of the new water-resistant FT Foam Board. This lightweight but stable material can be worked extremely well and it can be finished according to your preference. The construction of the model is easy to perform even for unexperienced beginners. The RC components are separately available. The assembled model has a weight (without RC components) of about 493 grams and a wingspan of about 1447 mm

Product characteristics

Kit made of solid, water-resistant FT WR Foam Board
Swappable Series
Exciting flight characteristics

Included in the package

Laser-cut FT Foam Board frame
Swappable RC core
Many small parts

Weight [g]: 493 g
Wingspan [mm]: 1447 mm
Brand: Flite Test
Version: Construction Kit
Assembly needed?: ja

Rekommenderad Setup:

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HobbyWing Flyfun 30 A1229kr
EMax ES08A 8.5 g 1.5 Kg469kr
GensAce 2200 mAh 3S 25-50C LiPo XT60 kontakt1249kr
APC Thin Electric 9x6142kr
Förlängningskabel 20 cm JR420kr
Y-kabel 30 cm JR134kr


WFly Sändare WFT07 2.4GHz 7-kan., inkl 7-kan. mottagare11095kr
C1-XR Multiladdare 10A / 100W 230V/12V1795kr
Laddpåse RCFlight159kr

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