RC Factory REVO P3 Svart 940 mm

899 kr

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Dubbeldäckare från RC Factory!

Idealisk 3D trainer, helt i EPP.
Byggs ihop på 1-2 kvällar
Levereras med landningsställ av kolfiber
Lagas enkelt med vanligt CA lim om olyckan skulle vara framme


Vingspann: 940 mm.
Kroppslängd: 1000 mm
Flygvikt: från 475 g.
Funktioner: Skev, höjd, sida och gas. (5 kanaler).
Ingår: Hjul, landställ och linkage/kolfiber.

Revo P3 is a super-acrobatic biplane inspired by an actual aircraft.
With its size it expands the range of our "one meter" models.
Not just the new wing profile, that we developed specifically for this model, contributes to its excellent flight characteristics, but also the overall layout and model geometry,which allows precise flying from basic acrobatics to aggressive 3D maneuvers.
What type of flying you choose depends entirely on you.
Low weight and a new model concept increases its durability.
Revo P3 model is manufactured by modern CNC technology with the most prepared parts,
so that the assembly is easy as possible for you.

Rekommenderad setup:

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HobbyWing Flyfun 30 A1229kr
GensAce 1300 mAh 3S 25-50 C LiPo1179kr
APC SlowFlyer 10x4.7148kr
EMax ES09A 11.6 g, 2.4 Kg489kr


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C1-XR Multiladdare 10A / 100W 230V/12V1795kr
Laddpåse RCFlight159kr

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