Futaba BLS371SV Servo HV 19 Kg 0.10 s Metall Mittendel

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This is the Futaba BLS371SV High Voltage Programmable High End Supreme Performance Servo for Glow Powered Cars or Boats.
It replaces the Futaba BLS351 & BLS352 servos
High Voltage - It can be powered by up to 2S LiPo batteries
2 Ball Bearings
Metal gears
Aluminum middle case
O-ring seals (water protected)
Brushless motor
Optimized for use with a glow powered RC vehicles
S.BUS, S.BUS2 programability
Futaba S.BUS2 system can be connected to a PC using the CIU-2 USB adapter PC Interface (not included sold separately, FPCIU2) to
change various operating characteristics

All Programmable Car Servos Are Modifiable by the 4PX transmitter
You can change the operating characteristics of Programmable Car Servos on the display of the 4PX. By adjusting the boost, deadband, etc. using the indicators on the 4PX display, you can improve response and realize optimum torque (traction) fit for the conditions of the machine and road surface.

Or Use S-Link (and PC Software)
You can also connect a Windows PC computer and a Link-compatible device (servo, etc.) to change the data settings. (*CIU-2 unti required - sold separately).

Längd: 40 mm
Bredd: 20 mm
Höjd: 36,8 mm
Vikt: 63 g
Max Drivspänning: 7,4 V
Hastighet vid 4,8V: 0,16 sek/60°
Hastighet vid 6,0V: 0,13 sek/60°
Hastighet vid 7,2/7,4V: 0,10 sek/60°
Styrka vid 4,8V: 12,6 kg/cm
Styrka vid 6,0V: 15,8 kg/cm
Styrka vid 7,2/7,4V: 19,0 kg/cm
Egenskaper: S.Bus, Vattenskyddat, Digitalt, Borstlös motor, Metalldrev, S.Bus2
Levereras med: Monteringsartiklar, Armar

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