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AS150 sparking plugs for high-voltage battery, has a unique anti-ignition / anti-anti-plug design and resistance to high current performance. Low impedance with large size 7mm gold plated banana plugs. And the male plug embedded resistors to prevent sparks. With a light overall weight, small size, plug feel good.
AS150 use:
Red male end (with resistance) + black male end (no resistance) = connect electronic governor using  (male banana head, thick jacket)
Red female end (no resistance) + black female end (no resistance) = connected battery  (female banana head, thin jacket)
Caution: first plug the black cable, then plug the red terminal line. Red male female head after contact, need directly inserted in the end, to avoid prolonged exposure to burn male internal resistance. Resistance design patent only for use when new to spark discharge elimination.
Product Specifications:
7MM male banana head (with resistance) × 1
7MM male banana head (no resistance) × 1
Coarse red jacket × 1
Thick black jacket × 1
7MM female banana head (no resistance) × 1
7MM female banana head (no resistance) × 1
Thin red jacket × 1
Thin black jacket × 1

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