Kabelset för extern Volt CA-RVIN-700

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This is the Futaba CA-RVIN-700 External Voltage Input Cable.

Kabelset Extern Volt R7003SB, R7008SB & R7018SB

Used to connect a Futaba telemetry equipped receiver to an extra voltage port.

Cable, Fuse, Heat Shrink Tube and Instructions

Length: 700 mm

This voltage cable plugs into the R7008SB next to the antenna.
This measures the external voltage, such as the battery that is running a motor. The voltage will be displayed in the transmitter as "EXT-VOLT".
Maximum voltage is 70 volts.
Cable should be cut to desired length, then remove & save 30mm from the positive black line. Next, solder the fuse inline on the positive wire and reattach the section of wire that was previously removed and solder into place. The fuse should be attached as close to the external power supply as possible. Place shrink tubing over the fuse and cover all sodered areas. Shrink the tubing onto the wire with a heat gun. The cables will then be connected to corresponding + & - wires that connect the ESC to the battery and attached using solder and shrink tubing.

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