RC Factory Crack Yak Big HCG 1 m

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RC Factory Crack Yak Big!

Serie: "Expert"
Vingspann: 1000 mm.
Kroppslängd: 1025 mm
Flygvikt: ca 350-420 g.
Servon: 4 st 9 till 12 grams.
Funktioner: Skev, höjd, sida och gas. (5 kanaler).
Ingår: Hjul, landställ och linkage/kolfiber.

The 39" Crack Yak-55 is finally here... the long awaited bigger brother to our well known Crack Yak-55 model. New wing core with tapered tips is one of the new features creating a much larger flight envelope for strong wind capabilities. Other items include added T-Canalizer and new SFG placement for amazing KE stability at any alpha. This is a fresh new ground up re-design. Chris Jewett's original world renowned 32" Crack Yak-55 has been our go to foamie and it is now crafted into a larger size for an even more intense flight envelope.
Those that are familiar with the previous 39” models will appreciate the new hardware and construction methods with adjustable push rod assemblies EPP bracing techniques for easy assembly. While creating a new ground up airframe the duel aileron servos were re-located to create a plush/clean look. The over all flight envelope has increased greatly giving a sense of unreal control authority and increased roll rate was also achieved with the addition of outer counter balance tabs. This model was designed for the pilot wanting to learn the “next step” and also those who choose a balsa 3d model alternative.
Expert series:
If you prefer bigger models with fully airfoiled wing, you can´t make a mistake with these. Developed by some of the best 3D pilots for a combination of 3D capability and easy, predictable handling."

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