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Air Truck was firstly designed as a plane to tow the Stigra glider. Given it's great power and flight charasteristics, it can eventually tow any glider of up to some 1.2 kg AUW. The V-tail may look surprising on such plane but it is best for towing, obviously - the tow line is routed between the V planes and doesn't bother the pilot by interfering with the rudder. The plane is very predictable, so that even less experienced pilots can tow gliders for the first time, without worries.

The plane was designed by the electric pylon racing world champion Jan Sedlacek. Hence the idea to use it in fun pylon races! Air Truck racing is actually becoming a thing in the Czech republic. For faster flight, more durability or racing, you can cover the plane in 38 micron iron-on film (available on this eshop too).

The wings are removable, attached by two plastic screws. The disassembled plane is easy to transport. Decent size of the fuselage means you can easily hide all the electronic parts inside. The battery bay cover lid is held in place by magnets so that you can change the battery fast and easily.

Air Truck was also designed as a docile aileron trainer - just limit the control throws to some 20 degress or less.

Key Features:
wingspan: 1050 mm
length: 950 mm
AUW: 600g+
motor: 100 - 120 g outrunner
ESC: 35 - 45 A / 4s
servos: 2 st EMax ES09MA och 2 st EMax ES3004MA
battery: 3s - 4s 1300 - 1800 mAh
propeller: 10 - 11"

Package Includes:
Kit including landing gear and hardware, without equipment set

Rekommenderad setup:

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