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The new Funcub XL ND (NEW DESIGN) is the further development of our versatile and popular Funcub XL (multifunctional high-wing aerobatic towing aircraft).
Our goal was to lose weight and give it a fresh new look. We have implemented the weight savings by redesigning the Landing gear and the new EPP wheels, which saves around 200g in weight.
This enables us to achieve an even lower airspeed and a better thrust-to-weight ratio. The tuning chassis (# 1-02061) can also be retrofitted to the existing Funcub Xl.

This also improves your outstanding short take-off and landing properties even further. Thus it can be used on almost any terrain.  
Like its predecessor, the new Funcub XL ND also has many beautiful details, such as the very elegant LED covers for the optional lighting with the POWER-MULTIlight (# 7 3030) - a real eye-catcher. In addition, it has a tow release included as standard (additional servo HS-225 required for activation) and a large discharge chute for which a suitable parachutist (# 852004) is available.
Why is the FunCub XL so popular? She flies extremely precise and adult! We have given it large rudder flaps, a lot of power and very balanced flight characteristics, so that vertical climbs, aerobatics with knife flights, and even torque rolls are possible! Due to the weight savings of the XL ND, the flight performance is now increased again. The FunCub XL is characterized by extravagant construction solutions and sets completely new standards in its class. A remarkably solid fuselage thanks to "M-Frame technology", stable and lightweight carbon tubes (CFRP) in the wings, offset landing flaps and very easy and quick upgrade of the model - thanks to the bracing with quick-release fasteners.

Kit with a high degree of prefabrication
Pre-cut and already applied decal sheet
Extremely precise and adult flight behavior
Unbelievably large fun factor due to many additional functions
Offset landing flaps for steep descents and short take-offs
Off-road properties due to huge and light EPP wheels
High-strength fuselage due to "M-Frame Technology "
Strong and light carbon tubes (CFRP) in the wings
Low minimum speed
Suitable for towing sailors (eg Lentus / Alpina)
Divided surfaces, making it easy to transport
Powerful drive set (# 33 2610)

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