RC Factory Edge 580 PRO Blå/Guld

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Edge 540 V3 Superlite:
This amazing model is the result of more than 3 years of refining and development by the indoor aerobatic pioneer and World Air Games competitor Jan Spatny. Oversize controls, the right distribution of fuselage side area and side-to-side thrust vectoring give this model some truly unique abilities. Whip-like snap rolls, tight knife edge loops or any other maneuver you can think of, there is nothing this plane couldn't do. Light 4mm EPP construction gives the model flying qualities that are on par with the best milled-out Depron planes, with the added advantage of much better durability. With strengthened aileron hinges, the model is ready for 4D (reverse thrust) flying.

Key Features:
Wing span: 860 mm
Lenght: 920 mm
AUW: 150-180 g
Motor: 60 - 120 W
ESC: 15 A
Servo: 3 x 6g /  1x 9g 2x 6g
Battery: 300-450 2S
Propeller: 8 x 4

Rekommenderad setup:

SunnySky X2204 1800 kv1269kr
HobbyWing Flyfun 10 A1199kr
GWS DD 8040118kr
PT CF Prop Indoor 8040i 1 st/fpk1259kr
Dynamo 250 mAh 2S 25C LiPo m.balanskontakt1115kr
Dynamo 360 mAh 2S 30-60 C LiPo1125kr
EMax ES9051D 4.3 g, 0.09 s299kr
EMax ES08D 8.6 g 1.8 Kg1139kr
JST-kontakt Hona med 10 cm kabel118kr
Tattu 300 mAh 2S 75C 7.6V Lipo1119kr
Adapterkabel JST-PH2.0 till JST (röd)135kr

4D Motor setup:

T-Motor AM40 3D/4D 1500kv1295kr
T-Motor AM40 4D Pack149kr
T-Motor BPP-4D Fartreglage 16A Dual direction1279kr
T-Motor F3P 4D 9SF Prop Orange149kr
T-Motor F3P 4D 9SF Prop Grå149kr

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