Multiplex Lentus RR 3.000 mm

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Multiplex Lentus RR 3.000 mm 

RR-version. Färdigbyggd, komplett med servon, motor och reglage.
Komplettera med radio/mottagare och batteri.

Wingspan: 3000 mm
Total length: 1410 mm
Weight: from 2300 to 2600 g (acc. to equipment)
Flight time: abt.. 30 min. without thermal assistance
Total surface area: abt. 44 - 49 g/dm2
RC-Fonctions: Elevator, rudder, ailerons, flaps, throttle
Optional: retractable landing gear, tow coupling

Ultra-docile circling characteristics for safe thermalling
Semi-scale appearance based on modern sailplanes
Clear canopy with detailed scale cockpit

FES option (Front Electric Self-launch) with optional retractable wheel, 4S power system (4S / 2600) and 8 x 6 propeller - making the model capable of ground take-off

Integral aero-tow release (can even be used in the electric version)

Prepared for TEK-Vario sensor installation (display of airspeed and vario climb / descent data)
Sophisticated, high-strength wing with double composite CFRP / aluminium spars
Automatic servo connection with M6 high-current connectors in the wings

Detachable rudder with recessed knuckle hinges

Extremely rigid fuselage exploiting M-Space technology, with 20 mm Ø profiled tube

Control surfaces fitted with tubular stainless steel stiffeners

Generous internal space with defined recesses for battery, RC and telemetry equipment

High-quality printed and plotted decal sheets
Landing skid made of robust stone chip protection film
Wing leading edge protection decals included
Matching model bag available for transport protection

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