Solglasögon Futaba Orginal Yellow-Cut - Röd/Rosa

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Futaba Blue sky - Yellow-Cut Sunglasses

Introducing the new sunglasses from Futaba. Specially designed for Futaba in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, the center of the Japan eyewear OEM manufacturer scene for decades renowned for "Made in Japan" eyewear from optical to sunglasses, the Futaba sunglasses sport a lightweight design and features two side shields. The Futaba-branded sunglasses come including a zip semi-hard case for secure protection and a lens cleaning cloth

  • The lens adopts Sabae's patented technology that removes only the dimming light.
  • Fit and durability is excellent!
  • There are a lot of glasses from Sabae, but there are no sunglasses made with a special focus on "bright, unobstructed visibility"!
  • Uses a patented method that enhances contrast by cutting only the yellow rays.
  • Moreover, it is a special Futaba specification that makes full use of Sabae's patented technology, so it is not dazzling with a bright view.
  • Most surprisingly, the dazzling white clouds and the outline of the aircraft that reflects light can be clearly seen without squinting.
  • Can be hused over prescription glasses.*
*It may depends on the shape of glasses

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