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The R9 SX is the enhanced version of the R9 Slim series of long-range capable receivers. It adds 3-pin servo connectors with 6 full PWM channels and utilizes the dual-antenna design. The light-weight protective shell has a Multi-use 6-pin plug to bring you additional functions like signal redundancy, telemetry feedback, external battery detection and more.

Flexibility is a key feature of this receiver. The 6 PWM channels can be converted to 4 PWM channels with the additional Ch5 and Ch6 can be configured as an alternative S.Port and SBUS outputs to the 6-pin port. The enhanced design proves to be more durable, and in conjunction with the latest ACCESS firmware, the two are now synchronized and we are able to unlock the true potential of the ACCESS protocol.

ACCESS protocol and supports OTA functions
900MHz/868MHz long-range with low latency
Enhanced and durable design
6 standard servo connectors (default PWM channel)
Switchable CH5/CH6 into S.Port/SBUS Output channels
Support S.Port / F.Port (Configurable in OpenTX / FrOS menu)
Signal redundancy function
External battery detection
Detachable Ipex1 connector antenna

Frequency: 868MHz / 915MHz
Dimension: 36*17*7mm / 47.5*20.5*11mm (including case and pins)
Weight: 8.8g / 13g (including case and pins)
Numbers of Channel: 6 PWM / 16 SBUS (CH16 outputs RSSI)
Operating Voltage: DC 3.5V~12.6V (3S Li-Battery)
Operating Current: <100mA@5V
Compatibility: R9M Lite/ R9M Lite Pro / R9M 2019 with ACCESS firmware

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