OS MAX-55HZ-R 8.93cc 2-Takts Heli Motor

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O.S. MAX-55HZ-R - 8.93cc Helicopter Engine
The MAX-55HZ-R has been developed based on the 55HZ designed expressly for 50 size helicopter models, and equipped with the new O.S. fuel regulator system. The regulator system ensures an always steady fuel supply which is required for 3D flights which require repeated vigorous attitude changes as well as mixture control.

With this system, the fuel tank is pressurized by pressure generated in the crankcase. The fuel sent by pressure is regulated by the regulator installed just ahead of the carburetor, then sent into the engine. The 40L-R carburetor is equipped with twin needles which enable adjustment of the idling/hovering and high speed mixture independently. The cover plate has a cell to accept a sensor designed to install in the cover plate from the Futaba GY-701 Governor.

Displacement: 8.93 cc
Bore: 23 mm
Stroke: 21.5 mm
Practical RPM Range: 2.000-20.000
Power output: 2.13 hp @ 17,000 r.p.m.
Weight: 429g

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