RC Factory Fury Slope Wing 1200 mm

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Fury is one resilient EPP wing designed by Jan Spatny.

You may use it for slope soaring or even slope combat.
The cover is possible either by ordinary adhesive tape(s) (in such case you have to spray the wing first by contact glue, e.g. 3M77) or by ironing a hot laminating film 30 - 80 um thick. The covering is not included.

Key Features:

wingspan  1200 mm
AUW 300 - 400g

Package Includes:

epp wing halves
set of carbon strips
pushrods and small accessory parts

Rekommenderade tillbehör:

EMax ES3004MA 20 g, 3.5 Kg MG2179kr
Tattu 650 mAh 2S 75-150C Lipo1119kr

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