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Product description :
International standard aviation aluminum raw materials, after Japan's high-precision CNC machining (precision 0.001mm), the use of German imports of tungsten steel tool to ensure processing accuracy, each finished or semi-finished products have to undergo a rigorous quality inspection (0.01mm) Time consistency. Through the pneumatic layout of the 5010 / 300kv rotor inside the use of "fan" on the form of more effective cooling of the stator, the rotor using high-precision dynamic balancing instrument to debug the best (0.05g), the use of imported bearings, hand-wound. Each motor is tested dynamically and statically before leaving the factory to ensure the consistency of the motor.
Use: suitable for six rotors, eight rotors, mostly professional aerial unmanned aerial vehicles, for the paddle range of 18-20 inches.
Motor characteristics: high efficiency, large pull.

Basic parameters:
Product Type: 5010
KV: 300
Number of stator terminals: 12N
Motor pole number: 14P
Diameter of the shaft: 6 mm
Motor size: 58.5 × 31.5 mm
Weight: 200g
No-load current (A) @ 10v: 0.6
Battery section: 6s
Maximum continuous current (A): 36.35
Maximum continuous power (W): 781.5
Internal resistance: 62 mOhm
Machine installation hole distance: 25 mm

Product Specifications:
   5010 / 300kv brushless motor x 1
   Metal paddle x 1
   M3 x 6 cup head screw x 2
   M3 x 6 half round head screw x 4
   PC box x1

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