Tarot CF 18x6.5 (1 par CW/CCW)

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TAROT Martin series for long voyage multi-rotor models, the product measured performance increase of 6%.
Single weight only 24.7 g. TAROT uses a new optimized airfoil design to enhance performance, the overall use of a unique carbon fiber prepreg inside the pressure molding process, curing takes five hours, a unique process to achieve the rotor of high strength, lightweight, so that UAVs get longer Free time and convenient handling.


           18 inch Carbon fiber  Prop  CW ×1    29 g

           18inch Carbon fiber  Prop  CCW ×1   29 g

           Quick release   uper mount (19.5*11.5mm) 2.5g  ×2

           Quick release   lower  mount (18*7mm) 2.5g  ×2

           M3×6MM Head screws 0.4gx4
           M3×5MM Head screws 0.4gx8

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