Tarot X6 Hex-Copter FPV Kit

4995 kr

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TAROT X6 is designed for professional Aerial Photographer.
Includes electronic retractable landing gear, foldable arms and integrated PCB.
Equipped with six power arms,
The power arm is foldable, which simplifies the preparation.

The X6 have six rotors, can carry 3-Axis Gimbal and DSLR Camera and fly for 15~17 minutes (with 1855 propellers, Tarot 5008 340kv motor and 6S 22000mah battery).

Rekommederad setup:

HobbyWing XRotor Pro 40 A 2 st/fpk3695kr
Tarot 5010 300kv6949kr
Tarot CF 18x6.5 (1 par CW/CCW)3995kr

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