Multiplex FunnyCub EPP Kit

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The MULTIPLEX FunnyCUB brings that special bush-flying atmosphere into the indoor
flying sites and gardens of keen model flyers. With its large wheels and softly sprung
undercarriage it is capable of taking off and landing almost anywhere - just like its big
brother, the FunCUB.

As an option the two ailerons can be lowered to act as landing flaps,
further reducing the airspeed and take-off run. All these attributes make the FunnyCUB a
must have model for all keen bush flyers and indoor fans, as well as everyone who simply
enjoys a quiet cruise around the garden.

The EPP airframe is of very robust construction,
and is strong enough to survive virtually any piloting error. The model is capable of every
imaginable aerobatic manoeuvre.

Flygplanstyp: Inomhus
Levereras som: Kit
Spännvidd: 930 mm
Längd: 810 mm
Vikt: 180 g

Technical details:
Material: EPP
Wingspan: 930mm
Length: 810mm
RC-Function: Rud./Elev./Ail./Motor
Weight: approx. 170-180g
Flight time: approx. 6min.
Battery: LiPo 2S/450 mAh

Rekommenderade tillbehör:

SunnySky X2204 1800 kv1249kr
GWS DD 8040118kr
EMax ES9051D 4.3 g, 0.09 s489kr
HobbyWing Flyfun 10 A1179kr
Dynamo 360 mAh 2S 30-60 C LiPo195kr
GensAce Soaring 450 mAh 2S 30C LiPo189kr

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