Pagoda Stubby Antenna 5.8GHz Omni SMA LHCP

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Raptor Antenna 5.8Ghz Omni, Kort variant. LHCP

The Raptor antenna is a small compact Omni that delivers a smooth radiation pattern and a high axial ratio with its unique PCB pagoda construction designed by Maarten Baert.

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Small 5.8Ghz Aero design with excellent omni directional pattern

Unique PCB construction allows manufacturing within fine tolerances

Gain 1.09db with a radiation efficiency of 92%

Clearer video reception with upto 20% greater signal received than other omni antenna topology with higher gain

High Axial Ratio for reversed polarity rejection, ideal for send and receive as a pair.

Robust injection moulded case for crash protection

Weight: 6 gram.

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