SkyRC B6 Nano 320W DC Laddare Bluetooth

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SkyRC B6 Nano 320W DC Charger

SkyRC B6 Nano is a DC charger with 320W power. It supports various types of batteries, including LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV and NiMH/NiCd battery. It applies multiple protection like high/low voltage protection and reverse protection etc.

To take advantage of B6 nano’s full power capability, the power source should be 9-32V DC, and output power should be capable of 380W or higher. Low quality DC power source may damage your B6 nano charger. We recommend you to choose SKYRC 380W Power Supply.

Vikt: 130 g
Drivspänning: 9-32 V
Mått: 76x85x37 mm
Laddar (Batterityp): NiMH, LiHV, Li-Fe, Li-Po, Li-Ion, NiCd, Pb
Laddar (Li-Fe): 1-6 Celler
Laddar (Li-Ion): 1-6 Celler
Laddar (Li-Po): 1-6 Celler
Laddar (NiMH): 1-15 Celler
Laddar (Pb): 2-20V
Laddström: 0,1-15A
Urladdning: 0,1-3,0A
Uteffekt: 320W

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