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This FrSky G-RX6 is designed to be used with Gliders. FrSky built a variometer sensor right into the X6R receiver, this will give you telemetry data like altitude and vertical speed. The G-RX6 features 6 PWM outputs with higher precision and lower latency. The latency of the PWM output is 9ms less than that of the X6R, in high speed mode. It also supports the redundancy function, so it can be used in conjunction with other receivers. The G-RX6 and the whole RX-line has a 40% increased operating range compared to the previous X series receivers.

Protokoll: ACCST (EU LBT) (går att uppdatera till ACCESS)

High sensitivity (40% Increase of the range compared to previous X series receivers)
Integrated with high precision variometer sensor
Higher precision PWM
Lower latency PWM output
Lower power consumption
Supports redundancy function
Smart Port enabled and support telemetry data transmission
Battery voltage detection
2 detachable IPEX connector antennas

Dimension: 21.1×13×7.3mm (L×W×H)
Weight: 2.2g / 2.6g (with two antennas)
Number of Channels: 16CH (1-6CH PWM from conventional channel outputs, 1-16CH from SBUS OUT port)
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V-10V
Operating Current: 100mA@5V
Operating Range: >2km
Servo Frame Rate: 9ms (HS—High Speed Mode)/18ms (FS—Normal Speed Mode)

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