Black Horse B.A. Eagle .61 1790 mm GP/EP ARF

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Black Horse B.A. Eagle
Glow and EP


Take a trip back in time with this classic light aircraft design from the 1930's. The B.A. Eagle was born in the UK in 1934 an became the Eagle II in 1935. This is the basis for the Black Horse version and she carries the red/silver livery so popular in that era.

Although nominally a light aircraft, the design is sleek and in keeping with many racers of the day. Like the full size, the Black Horse version has flaps for slower landings and predictable slow speed flying. The wing section has been carefully chosen to enhance the speed envelope and allow scale flight to be a pure joy.

Even hiding a highly recommended engine like the OS GGT-15 is fairly easy as the careful orientation of the engine allows most of the silencer to be inside the cowl. An electric motor and ESC would be all but invisible!

Wingspan: 1790 mm
Length: 1340 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Wing area: 45.7 dm2
Wing loading: 87.53 g/dm2
Wing type: Naca Airfoil
Gear type: Oleo struts (included)
Spinner: 58 mm
Servo mount: 42 x 21 mm

Parts listing required (not included):
Radio: 5 channels
Servo: 7 servos
Engine: 61 – 2 stroke; 15cc Gas
Motor: Brushless outrunner 1200-2200W, 650KV
Propeller: Suit with your engine

Recommended Motor and Battery set up (not included):
Motor: RIMFIRE .60
LiPo cell: 6 cells 4000-5000mAh
Receiver battery: 6V/ 1200-2000mAh NiMH
ESC: 80A

Driftsätt: Bränsle, El
Levereras som: Almost-Ready-To-Fly
Lämplig för: Erfaren
Plantyp: Sport
Spännvidd: 1790 mm
Vingarea: 45,7 dm2
Längd: 1340 mm
Material: Trä
Vikt: 4000 g
Sändare: Ingår Ej
Motor: Ingår Ej
Skevroder: Ja
Behöver kompletteras med: BL Motorsystem el. Metanolmotor el. Bensinmotor, Radioutrustning, 7st Servon

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