Flite Test Charlie 609 mm

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Jet model Charlie from the FT STEM series

In the course of the FT STEM education program, pupils have designed and constructed the FT Charlie. The STEM series of aircraft are ideal for their own FT STEM project at school or in a leisure group.

The kit

The FT Charlie was designed to fly fast and challenging flight manoeuvres. The FT Charlie is the fastest and most agile jet model in the three series.

The FT Charlie is compatible with the FT Alpha and FT Bravo kits. Each wing has been designed so that it can be easily removed from the fuselage and used in the other three-series flight models, so you can choose from 9 variants.
The replacement of the wings is done with rubber bands and lasts for less than a minute.

There is no need to rebalance the centre of gravity of the flight model after replacing the wings, the centre of gravity remains the same regardless of which model combination. This is perfect to exchange, test and share experiences with friends and other model builders at the airfield.

We want you to have a lot of experience in building and flying. The kit comes with all necessary components: control rods, control horns, engine bracket and any other components that are needed. For a perfect balance, flight performance and assembly, our Power Pack F and Battery 850 mAh is suitable. No. 78108.3XT30


Model from the FT STEM series
Compatible with FT Alpha and FT Bravo
Wings quickly and easily interchangeable

Included in delivery

1x Kit made of FT Foam Board
1x Velcro tape
2x16.5'' Push rods
2x Wood sticks
2x Rubber bands
2x Cable ties
1x Mini firewall
1x Alpha decals sheet
1x STEM data sheet
1x Combo sticker pack

Weight [g]: 230 g
Wingspan [mm]: 609 mm
Brand: Flite Test
Version: Construction Kit
Assembly needed?: Yes
Material: FT WR Foam Board

Rekommenderad Setup:

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HobbyWing Flyfun 12 A1169kr
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